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Are you in need of a bidet installation or repair? Beehive Plumbing can help with all of your bidet needs within the Greater Salt Lake area and even up to Park City, Ogden, Provo, and everywhere in between! Contact Precision Plumbing with any questions you may have about bidets or to get bidet services

Types of Bidets
There are two types of bidet commonly used in homes. One is connected to the toilet seat and the other is a floor mounted standalone porcelain bidet. The toilet seat bidet is used to retrofit an existing toilet and is connected to the water pipe going to the toilet. The standalone bidet looks almost like another toilet but has separate plumbing from the toilet. Some porcelain bidets can also be mounted on a wall along with a new toilet. 

There is a bidet for every size bathroom, therefore you’re guaranteed to find the right one for your home!

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