Blocked Toilets, Sinks, Pipes And Drains

blocked toilets and pipes
blocked toilets

Blocked Toilets, Sinks, Pipes And Drains

How to clear blocked drains? Whether it’s a small house or a big home with the whole family, kitchen and bathroom sinks can get clogged at any time. Considering the amount of waste that gets flushed down household pipes, it’s only understandable that residue will get trapped in the drains from time to time, and you should be prepared to clear a blocked drain pipe, sink, or toilet when it happens.

If you’re having guests over, it’s even more important to know how to handle a holiday plumbing issue! Drains get clogged because of the build-up of debris in your drainage pipes. In a blocked kitchen sink, that can be due to food, dirt, and hardened grease. If you’re dealing with a blocked bathroom sink, that could be caused by soap residue and foreign objects like hair or nail clippings.

Although you can avoid a blocked sink or blocked bathroom drain by avoiding washing these types of materials into your pipes, knowing how to clear clogged drains at home is still a worthwhile endeavor. While the immediate impulse is to call an expert plumber, there are several do-it-yourself or DIY techniques to remove the clog, thereby saving a couple of bucks. There are several household products you can use for clearing blocked drains DIY without using caustic drain cleaners.

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Carrying out plumbing repairs yourself may not always produce the best result. You need a team; a qualified team like ours for a thorough job. Like we said before, we have the right tools and modern machinery to take out every drainage blockage with zero hazards to your surroundings.

Our drain cleaning experts have a reputation for maintaining a high standard of health and safety practice in our workspace.

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