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Types Of Leaks We Find

Types Of Leaks We Find

Boiler Loosing Pressure?

If your boiler loosing pressure then you have a leak, most likely hidden & needs detecting & repairing.

Does Your Water Meter Keep Spinning?

If no water is being used in your property (no appliances running, taps all off etc) but your meter is still spinning then you have a leak. 

As the leak is not causing visible damage above ground level then it is most likely that the leak is under you flooring on either your hot / cold feed or your water mains. 

Don’t panic, simply call Precision plumbing today for friendly advice and a great leak detector service.

Ridiculously High Water Bills?

If you received an unexpected high water bill but your water usage has not increased then you are likely to have a water leak.
This leak could be on your water mains or internally.

Is Your Pool Water Level Dropping?

If you answered yes then the chances are you have a leak in your swimming pool.
Here at Precision Plumbing we have a dedicated Swimming Pool Leak detection team who carry a bespoke range of testing equipment to precisely pinpoint the location of your leak in your pool structure or pipework.
Our expertise in finding swimming pool leaks is unrivalled..

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