Wetroom Refurbishment

Wetroom Refurbishment ​
Wetroom Bathrooms Refurbishment ​

Wetroom Refurbishment

Wet rooms have gradually become fashionable value additions to the home. They are slowly becoming statement as they are adopted by many to be installed in their homes. But first, we must understand what a wet room is before we know its installation procedure.

What is a wet room?
A wet room is simply a bathroom where the shower is not enclosed, and the floor is even with the rest of the room. This is highly useful when it comes to conserving space, especially for small bathrooms, and at the same time creates a stylish impression. The most important benefit of a wet room is that it is very easy to clean. This is partly because water drains into an outlet created on the floor for drainage. Despite its simplicity, some people will still wonder who qualifies to have them.

Who can have a wet room?
Truth be told, anyone can have a wet room. The only difference between a wet room and a shower room is the absence of the shower screen and tray in the latter, and the presence of an open, fully tiled area in the former. However, if you have a small bathroom, you might want to add a shower screen to prevent spraying water everywhere.

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